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Fact Sheet:

Is Alchemy Academy the best match-3 puzzle game in the world? That's for the press to decide! Is it more challenging that Candy Crush? Yes. Is it more addicting than Bejeweled?.  Yes.
  • Developer: Fat Owl Games

  • Release Date: October 12th 2020

  • Platforms: Android

  • Price: Free

  • Availability: Digital Download

  • Languages: English, Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Kurdish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

  • ESRB: E for everyone

  • Press Contact: fatowlgames@gmail.com

  • Website: www.fatowlgames.com


Transmutation product that alchemist can blast or collect

Alchemy Academy is a tile-matching mobile game. The player advances through their studies at Alchemy Academy learning to distill elements (match-3) and use these elements to complete transmutations (merge like mechanic).

Alchemy Academy is a pure puzzle game where new mechanics are introduced as they progress through the world.

Players learn new transmutations as they complete levels and slowly begin to discover the magical world of Alchemy Academy.

Alchemy Academy currently has 200 lessons (levels) with hundreds more on the way. Each lesson is collaboratively created by AI and developer.

Novel puzzle mechanics provide excellent replayability, and perfectionists will find obtaining 3 stars for each level irresistible.

Issac is a puzzle fiend. He has play all the puzzles in the google play store and Alchemy Academy is his favorite.

Issac Faust

Issac is a professor at Alchemy Academy. His research focuses on the discovery and use of alchemical artifacts

Jessica Flamel is the cutest little alchemist you will ever see.

Jessica Flamel

Jessica is a spunky first year coming from a prodigious line of Alchemist. Jessica is a friendly rival and general supporter.

Neal loves spending time with his mother. They enjoy the bonding time they spend playing puzzle games.

Neal Zosimos

Neal is a professor at Alchemy Academy. His research focuses on the perfection of the philosopher's stone.

love interest? Maybe.

Saru Bernsberg

Saru is an inquisitive first year at Alchemy Academy. Whenever there is a mystery she is excited to investigate its origins.

The bad boy

Lee Waidan

Lee is a first year and the self proclaimed "bad boy" of Alchemy Academy. He's happy to perform transmutations and just as happy to watch them blow up.

Not Elizabeth Warren

Magdalana Boyle

Magdalana is a professor at Alchemy Academy. She researches alchemical education and is known to be the strictest of the professors.

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Download all characters, icons, and images as a .zip (the zip contains much more art than is shown on the page.)

Complete Transmutations

Complete Distillations

Learn New Alchemies

Compete Against Other Alchemist

Not Candy

Fire Element

This might be candy.

Water Element

This is candy.

Earth Element

Fresh Air! It's something we are going to miss in a decade due to effects of climate change.

Air Element

This isn't a pot it's a vial. Alchemy Academy does employ a potter to make all of their glassware though.

A transmutation product

Is the Philosopher's Stone magical? Maybe. Maybe magic is alchemies that haven't been discovered yet. Either way it can be a harry discerning magic from alchemy.

Imperfect Philosopher's Stone

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Alchemy Academy

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