Issac Faust is a Match-3 master. When he isn't playing sudoku puzzle games he enjoys looking at cat pictures and taking care of bonsai.

Issac Faust

Issac is a professor at Alchemy Academy. His research focuses on the discovery and use of alchemical artifacts

Jessica Flamel is bright young alchemist and a master manipulator of elements for her age. She also likes puzzles preferring to play merge games.

Jessica Flamel

Jessica is a spunky first year coming from a prodigious line of Alchemist. Jessica is a friendly rival and general supporter.

Neal Zosimos is excellent alchemical researcher, but when he isn't working he enjoys cleaning his house and baking pastries

Neal Zosimos

Neal is a professor at Alchemy Academy. His research focuses on the perfection of the philosopher's stone.

Saru is a candy fiend. When she isn't practicing alchemy she is crushing through bags of candy

Saru Bernsberg

Saru is an inquisitive first year at Alchemy Academy. Whenever there is a mystery she is excited to investigate its origins.

Lee comes from a line of gem and jewel cutters. He is pursuing an exciting path of a master alchemist.

Lee Waidan

Lee is a first year and the self proclaimed "bad boy" of Alchemy Academy. He's happy to perform transmutations and just as happy to watch them blow up.

Not Elizabeth Warren

Magdalana Boyle

Magdalana is a professor at Alchemy Academy. She researches alchemical education and is known to be the strictest of the professors.